Ludum Dare 42 Game.

Half Text/Half RPG Adventure!

- Nine different enemy encounters including two different, randomized boss enemies.
- Over fifty items each with their own unique flavor text - some of them are even funny!
- Blood, sweat, tears, sleep deprivation, friendships forever shattered due to this game.
- A full fledged inventory management and crafting system.
- An immersive combat system with special attacks, buffs, debuffs and sfx.
- Some semblance of a plot.

Please enjoy!

Install instructions

Unzip the Backpack Simulator folder, then run Backpack Simulator.exe to play the game.


NewEnemyPanels 14 MB
Backpack 26 MB


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Was the ending aiming at super mario, when toad tells you the princess is in another castle. Plus this game ended so quickly i wanted it to last forever

Now I know this was an LD, so this isn't a criticism but...

If I were to guess, I'd say that somehow you're miscalculating mouse location?  The UI is barely functional (At least for me) and where I click sometimes works perfectly, and sometimes has only a passing relation to what happens.  Anyhow, it's only a guess.  Good luck cleaning this up... if you decide to do that.  Or if not, then good luck with whatever other endeavors you choose.  :)

Can't interact with inventory besides "use" which doesn't even work?